The majority of Mobile Applications require some kind of file storage, where users can download or save files for future access. Applications like WhatsApp & Instagram save files to their own Folder in Internal Phone Storage on Android and to the Photos Library on iOS Device.

In Flutter, to get information about storage Paths you can use the path_provider package, but by default, applications do not create their own application-specific folders in Internal Storage and that is what we will learn to do in this Article. …

Flutter, as you may have noticed is one of the fastest-growing Frameworks out there for Hybrid Application Development in 2020. Even for Web Development (still in Beta), Flutter Team is doing an amazing job making it production-ready. As of now, Startups are starting to choose Flutter for their Projects, which has led to a noticeable rise in Jobs for Flutter Developers.

With everything going this good.. where is the problem then? 🤨

Well, the problems I am going to talk about here is not with Flutter itself as a framework, but with the mindset with which it is being perceived…

In one of my recent apps, I had to implement this feature of adding Filters to Images. I was confident that there will be a package for this, so I did the usual Google Search. But just a few hours later, after trying out a few packages, I realized that there are not many options to choose from for adding image Filters to your Flutter Application. The packages that are available are horribly slow for Production Applications. Sure, they do give some nice bells and whistles but …

Custom Paint to me is one of the most useful and powerful widgets, offered by Flutter. Almost every other day I find myself creating something unique with Custom Paint. But, with Great Power comes a lot of Complexity… At least in the beginning it might seem so.

Recently I made a tutorial on creating complex Bottom Navigation Bars or Shapes, in general, using Custom Paint, and in that, I tried to explain the concept of creating quadratic bezier curves, calculating reference points, arcs, and so on.

Plot Points for Custom Shaped bottom Navigation Bar

Even though the tutorial got a good response, I received a few questions with…

Well, Recently i was working on a Flutter Project where i had to create an Audio Player which shows current Audio Player Position in Waveform.Once i was done creating Audio Waveforms with a bit of Native Code, the next challenge was to create Progress Indicator. While creating that i looked at some current options for reference, and one thing i noticed what that in most cases Custom Painter was being used.

Although Custom Painter is one of the most powerful widgets offered by Flutter but it can introduce unnecessary complexity in some cases. …

Menus are one of the most widely used features in Application Development. Although Navigation/Drawer Menu, Bottom Bar Menu and Action Bar Menu are widely used, they are not as flexible as Context/Pop-Up Menus.

Context Menu appears usually on Long Press (for Mobile Devices) or Right Click (for Desktop or Web Apps). In this article, you will learn ways to create Context/Pop-Up Menus in Flutter Applications which appear on Long Press, alongside the item which is pressed and it blurs other content on that particular screen. Take a look….🧐

One of the most appealing thing about Flutter, which attracts most beginners and developers in general, is that it allows to create complex animations with ease. Especially in case of Android, where you would have to scratch your head hard, constantly switching between XML Layouts and Native Java Code, to create complex fluid animations, Flutter lets you do the same thing with just a few lines of code 💙.

In this read, We will be creating a Circular Animated Menu, which will pop open in a nice and fluid way, when the Floating Action Button is clicked and reverts back…

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