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  • Tim Sneath

    Tim Sneath

    Product Manager for Flutter (a framework for building mobile apps) and Dart (a modern, client-optimized programming language) at Google.

  • Roaa


    Flutter Mobile Developer

  • WEquil


    WEquil Group is a decentralized community of shared principles seeking Equilibrium…a harmony between our unique strengths and the wants and needs of the world.

  • Rutvik Tak

    Rutvik Tak

    Flutter dev writing about creating beautiful UIs, animations and anything else in app development that interests me. Follow me on Twitter for more such topics.

  • Filip Hracek

    Filip Hracek

    Developer and manager working on Google’s Dart programming language and Flutter SDK; gamebooks enthusiast; https://filiph.net

  • Emily Fortuna

    Emily Fortuna

  • Freya Holmér

    Freya Holmér

    Creator of Shapes & Shader Forge. Ex-co-founder of @NeatCorp, creators of Budget Cuts 1 & 2. Game dev generalist & educator, streaming at twitch.tv/acegikmo

  • Romain Rastel

    Romain Rastel

    Flutter addict

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